As our students move on to a new stage of education, their development in the Modern Hebrew language is only just beginning. As alumni of one of the Hebrew Public’s schools — Hebrew Language Academy, Hatikvah, Harlem Hebrew, Sela, Kavod, Lashon, Agamim — children can stay connected to a growing community of young Americans seeking to be fluent in the Hebrew language and cultivate a life-long relationship with Israel.

Participation in the association is free and easy. Children can stay connected through events (in-person and online), information sharing, and updated directories, and play an active role in encouraging current students and faculty at Hebrew Public schools.

The benefits of the alumni association

Social Gathering

Hebrew Lessons

Career Days


Volunteer opportunities

Ready for the ultimate alumni experience?

Put your Hebrew, knowledge of Israel, and interest in global citizenship to the ultimate test with Hebrew Public’s Atidim Israel program. This three week journey through Israel takes an experiential approach to education rooted in cultural and language immersion, peer exchange, and inquiry-based learning.

Participants will be exposed to an array of narratives, cultures, and educational themes within Israel through purposeful encounters and hands-on project-based learning that empowers them to think critically, form opinions, and establish a meaningful connection to Israel, regardless of what aspects of Israel most resonate with them.

This leadership development experience includes:
• Personal and professional development through workshops, activities, and individualized learning
• Travel, adventure, and cultural programming
• Volunteering with Israeli youth
• Hebrew language immersion
…and more!


  • Connect with nature at the beautiful agricultural youth village of Ben Shemen where you’ll get hands on milking cows, riding horses & gaining a love of land!
  • Dig into the past with a hands-on archaeological excavation at Beit Guvrin.
  • Camp overnight in a Bedouin tent…experience their amazing hospitality, plus a memorable sunset camel ride!
  • Get to know the different cultural and religious groups of Israel through firsthand encounters and visits to important holy places and landmarks for the Jewish people, Christianity, Islam, Bedouins, Druze, Ethopian Israelis, Bahai, and more.
  • Explore the history of the Golan Heights on an off-road jeep tour and gain a geography lesson while learning about and viewing Israel’s neighbors. 
  • Visit a peacebuilding initiative in Eshkol while uncovering the challenges and potential for Israel’s sensitive geographic location in the world.
  • Float in the salty waters of the world renowned Dead Sea.
  • Navigate the unbeatable starry skies of Mitzpe Ramon with the trained eye and resources of a professional astronomer.


  • Get in shape with a variety of exciting, challenging, and beautiful hikes including:
    • Masada – hike to the ancient fortress of Masada
    • Ein Gedi Nature Reserve – a desert oasis
    • Nahal Havarim – experience a night time hike under starry skies!
    • Mt. Arbel – enjoy incredible views of the Sea of Galilee
    • Nahal Jilaboun Canyon – cool down with a wet hike to see beautiful waterfalls
    • Ben Shemen forests – known for their incredible running trails


  • Grow your language skills with bi-weekly Hebrew classes that feature regular immersive learning experiences and conversation partners…plus, opportunities to learn and apply the basics of Arabic.


  • A range of food tours
  • Cooking workshops
  • Surfing lessons
  • Krav maga (Israeli martial arts)
  • Hydroponic gardening
  • Animal care
  • and so much more…